Yvone Christa


The love for art, the passion for fashion, design and architecture give life to a unique jewelry line that immediately conquers New York, the cult place for all the new trends. Each single piece is created by hand according to the ancient Venetian filigree technique: the thin gold and silver threads, modeled and welded, are then treated with the antique finish. The sensitivity and dexterity of working 925 silver, burnished or plated in 22Kt gold, are the characteristics that make YVONE CHRISTA jewels icons. Welding invisible curls and very thin wires of precious metal in such an impeccable way to create the designed shape is the work of a few craftsmen in the world. The great sensitivity of the designers lies in calibrating the shapes and in the continuous search for an infinity of highly original materials that embellish the jewel. From pearls to jades. From quartz to jasper. With citrines, amethysts, tiger eyes, lapis, turquoise, corals, amazonites, carnelians, topazes, onyxes, jets, zircons. Up to the very recent ones in bone and aqua lemuria. Nature in all its forms is always a source of great inspiration. Of great manufacture. Just think of the perfection of a rose, an orchid, a tulip. Of a petal or a stem. The ultimate feminine grace. The one that never fades.