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The idea for Dodo was born in Mauritius, the island where the real Dodo once lived. We were inspired by the story of the funny, flightless bird. And we were charmed by the way the locals strung shells togheter to create keepsakes. So Pomellato, one of the world’s most famous jewelers, created charms to celebrate the Dodo and all the other creatures on the planet. Each 18KT gold charm has a special meaning. People all over the world collect Dodo charms and create unique  necklaces and bracelets to tell the stories of their lives. Collectors mix gold and silver and stack rows of bracelets and nacklaces. How will you start your collection?

WWF Italy

DoDo has returned to its roots with a renewed collaboration with WWF Italia – the first charity DoDo worked with upon its founding in 1994. In 2021, they teamed up to protect the endangered Caretta caretta Mediterranean turtles at the WWF Oasis of Policoro in Basilicata. In 2022, the partnership flies even higher with a Butterfly Garden the WWF Oasis in Puglia at the Le Cesine wetland, symbolized by new Butterfly jewels. Protecting the bio-diversity of these pollinators who are also food sources for countless species, butterflies are seen as an excellent indicator of a location’s environmental health.


Every Dodo jewel is made exclusively from 100% responsibly mined gold from the Kering Responsible Gold Framework. Gold and, since 2022, silver as well are extracted from certified mines that comply with international legislation on the transparency and traceability of raw materials (RJC COC certification), or from production chains engaged in safeguarding the environment and in important environmental sustainability projects. Dodo diamonds are also supplied by operators that are certified by RJC, an institution engaged in guaranteeing a responsible supply chain, in which human rights and the environment are respected.


DoDo, the Milanese Maison of charms and jewels with an unwavering spirit of sustainability, is proud to lead the world of jewelry in measures to protect and restore the environment. Together with Pomellato, DoDo’s sister jewelry Maison and its partner under the Kering Group, the Italian jewelers are among the industry’s very first to use 100% responsibly sourced gold for their iconic creations, since 2018. Before such devotion was trendy or even commonplace, DoDo was founded in 1994 with the premise of conservation and environmentalism – a pioneer of the green movement. Over the years, from helping protect endangered species with WWF Italy to rebuilding marine ecosystems with DoDo x Tēnaka today, DoDo has remained vigilant in its eco-commitment to the earth and to its lifeforms.


A leader in the Italian jewelry industry, DoDo’s ‘charming jewelry’ carves the niche between fashion and fine jewelry. Unrestricted by the dogmas of High Jewelry, DoDo is free to innovate with new materials including gold-plated silver, semi-precious gemstones, titanium, or recycled plastics, while using traditional Milanese techniques to make its quality creations. Together with Pomellato, its sister jewelry brand, DoDo collaborates to fund the Galdus Goldsmith Academy in Milan, investing in Italy’s youth, fostering innovation, honing goldsmith skills, and safeguarding the precious Italian craftsmanship tradition.


To celebrate with someone special. To remember for a life time. To keep as an hidden gem. To cherish forever. Honor life’s most precious moments with the perfect DoDo jewel and fall in love with the art of gifting with our favourite creations. Celebrate new beginnings with the most stylish touch: our cascade of charms, precious jewels to personalize and sentimental amulets makes the perfect gift for a good luck glow that will last forever. For every milestone reached, there’s a DoDo way to celebrate. From graduation ceremonies to once-in-a-lifetime promotions, glow up life’s golden moments with our celebration edit of unique jewels to gift and to keep. Starring precious personalized pieces just for you and for them and meaningful charms to cherish now and forever: explore DoDo’s glittering universe of gifts fit for every festivity, style or invitation.


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