Chantecler is a jewelry company with a unique and fascinating history: the beginning of its success was in 1947, during the magic era of the Dolce Vita. Here, on the Island of the Faraglioni sparkling with social life, since its opening in 1947 the first Chantecler boutique started to attract and enthrall international movie stars, princess and celebrities. Since then Chantecler is a byword for tradition and High Jewelry, for joie de vivre and creative flair in a Pure Spirit of Capri, that unique atmosphere that always attracted the international jet-set on the island.

Chantecler jewels are dedicated to the world’s most charming women, to whom they offer extraordinary and exclusive emotions.


The Chantecler Campanella is a jewel carryng within itself a message of joy and luck. As a matter of fact, on the isle of Capri tha Campanella has always been a lucky bringer, as narrated in the legend of Saint Michael: with its twinkle the bell guided a young sheperd to retrieve his lost sheep.

Following this tradition Chantecler created a bronze ” Campana della Fortuna” (Bell of fortune) to celebrate the end of the Second World War and gave it to president Roosvelt; this bell is still enshrined in a New York museum dedicated to the former President. Since then the Chantecler Campanella, in its many different variations, is a symbol of good luck and happiness.

Impeccably hand-made by the best goldsmith’s masters, each Campanella is created with its special personality, thanks to an accurate manufacturing, an elegant matching of materials and precious stones and a special shade of colors. Worn as a single one or in a group, the Chantecler Campanelle always give a unique and unmistakable touch, a precious note of sunny happiness.


The versatility of the Et Voilà sterling jewels is highlighted by their many matching possibilities, in a twirling mix of collections. Thanks to their clasps, a simple click creates an original, different and extraordinarily chic jewel. This is the Chantecler’s idea of a jewel. Always free, ironic, capable of inspiring with its inner sense of shapes and colors. Aiming to a personal and timeless elegance.

Campanelle, Marinelle, Cornetti, Logo and J’O, all Chantecler icons, live again in the silver, enamel and precious stones versions. Small masterpieces for an everyday luxury. Joyful and auspicious tinkles, the sound of Chantecler’s luck in Pure Silver. Bracelets with charms, nacklaces, chains, rings and earrings in gold, silver and enamel.


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