Barakà is a world made of style, research and innovation that turns towards Men public in search of a precious jewels characterized by a unique luxury style and design. Jewels for Men like necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, are made with innovative materials, such as ceramic, carbon fiber and aluminium, or by rich in history as steel 316L, wisely combined with gold and diamonds, thanks to the productive avant-garde and craftmanship of goldsmith masters, who create every handmade piece with great attention.

LUXURY AND INNOVATION. Barakà’s universe of values is expressed through jewels entirely made in Italy that combine luxury and innovation, elegance and attention to detail, and in thematic collections that tell stories of conquests, adventures and icons of Italian design reinterpreted in high jewelry.

ELEGANCE AND CONTEMPORARY STYLE. The style of the Barakà man collects all these values declined in the three worlds that see him as a protagonist: Business, Leisure and Entertainment. Because the Barakà man divides his time between important business meetings, gala evenings and exclusive appointments and loves to devote his free time to hobbies and sports refined by the taste of other times. The common thread of these moments of life, remains the distinctive luxury and recognizable design of Barakà jewelry.

VALUE CRAFTMANSHIP. Barakà has always stood out for its avant-garde production and 100% Made in Italy goldsmith craftsmanship. Our masters create each piece of jewelry with great care and precision: gold and diamonds are expertly combined with innovative materials to create creations of absolute prestige and refinement.


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