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    Dada Arrigoni

    Dada Arrigoni

    Lively curiosity, experimental courage, harmonious beauty. Dada Arrigoni High Jewelery is innovation and luxury. It is a search for femininity and beauty: an artisanal study, a sustainable project. The desire for contemporaneity develops in shapes and proportions: a special and precious journey. Modern and innovative, which makes each creation unique and unmistakable. Creativity, craftsmanship, authenticity and quality are at the center of the Dada Arrigoni maison’s project. There is the passion that is associated with the design and work of the Valencian master goldsmiths who know how to combine the charm and culture of made in Italy jewelery with the unique and sophisticated allure of Dada Arrigoni. A style that opens up to the world.

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    Dalla sabbia luccicante di spiagge lontane, al calore del sole mediterraneo. Quest’estate lasciati conquistare dalla morbida sensualità dell’oro, fra i riflessi della collezione Catene Pomellato.

    Realizzata in oro, reso morbido come seta dai maestri orafi di casa Pomellato, ogni maglia è perfettamente scolpita in forme sinuose che assecondano i movimenti del corpo con sensuale fluidità. Indossati da soli o in combinazione, i gioielli Catene danno al tuo look un tocco contemporaneo, chic e spigliato al tempo stesso.
    Colleziona i gioielli Catene e incatena gli sguardi con preziose rivisitazioni di un classico intramontabile.


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    Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. Customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions.

    With more than 19,000 associates in 80 offices around the world, Garmin brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. Every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

    Garmin Health gives you the power and flexibility to create custom solutions for your business. With incredible battery life, water resistance and one of the industry’s largest wearable portfolios, there’s a Garmin device that’s perfect for your programme. Gain access to a wide array of health metrics and real-time sensor streams, and even control the device features by using the Garmin Health API and SDKs.


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    1918. Mr. Georges Schaeren, an experienced and ingenious Swiss watchmaker, foundedMIDO G. Schaeren & Co. on 11 November. From the start, the name MIDO – from Spanish «Yo mido» (i.e. «I measure») – became synonymous with technical innovation and timeless designs.

    MIDO watch movements combine all of watchmaking tradition’s strict criteria. The models of most of the collections are equipped with a transparent case back showing the mechanical and aesthetic beauty of the Swiss watch movements. Our timepieces are endowed with an oscillating weight decorated with Geneva Stripes and MIDO logo, guilloché or circular-grained bridges, or blued screws. MIDO also offers a series of chronometers whose conformity is certified by a neutral testing bureau that provides an official certification after rigorous testing. Each chronograph watch is unique and identified by an engraved number on the movement.

    The “Chronometer” certification guarantees the high accuracy of a watch or a movement.
    The tests run by the COSC include the verification of the engraved number on the watch movement and controls in a testing environment. Each movement is individually tested following a strict procedure that lasts several days in five positions and at different temperatures (8°C, 23°C and 38°C). Over 15 days, the movements go though daily controls. Every day – including Saturday and Sunday – the instruments are measured and wound. If it meets the standards, the movement is “Chronometer” certified.MIDO decided to enhance its flagship movement – the Caliber 80 – with a silicon balance-spring.

    In addition to its anti-magnetic properties, this component, which is essential in luxury watchmaking, offers far greater long-term accuracy than a standard balance-spring and better shock-resistance. It is a COSC-certified chronometer watch and offers an exceptional autonomy of up to 80 hours of power reserve.To celebrate the Big Date MIDO watch that represents its 100th anniversary, MIDO developed an exclusive automatic movement with a big date based on its Caliber 80. In addition to its original date display, it offers formidable autonomy, with up to 80 hours of power reserve. Finely decorated with an oscillating weight adorned with Geneva Stripes and the MIDO logo, it can be admired through the transparent sapphire glass case back of the Commander Big Date and Baroncelli Big Date.

    The Caliber 80 Datometer is an automatic watch movement with an exclusive MIDO date indicator based on its Caliber 80, which offers up to 80 hours of power reserve. It can be admired through the transparent sapphire case back of the Multifort Datometer.

    The Caliber 80 from MIDO is a next-generation automatic watch movement which offers up to 80 hours of power reserve, twice as much as a regular calibre. It is also available as a chronometer that has been officially certified by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) for its superior accuracy.The Caliber 60 is an automatic chronograph watch movement at the cutting edge of watchmaking innovation that offers up to 60 hours of power reserve, compared to approximately 48 hours on a standard version.




  • 09/07/2021




    The “Novecento” knitted jewel represents the first very icon of Fope and is the motive character of the brand’s collections.


    The “Novecento” is characterized by a tridimensional structure and a round cross section, or oval. The 18kt elements that compose the chain, are linked one to another creating a soft effect, elegance and portability. No weldings, but exclusive techniques and technologies created by Fope in order to compose different shapes and designs. Fope jewels have a great personality, easily recognizable and only ones in the whole international panorama.

  • 09/07/2021



    Maman Et Sophie started  its story in 2009…for fun, from a simple idea: I wanted to wear a starry sky. I made the first stars necklace with my own hands and, soon after that, the “lettering” necklace with the name of Elena Sofia on sky. At first it was just for me, then for my friends, then the first clothing stores have started to contact me…coincidence after coincidence, idea after idea, the brand and the company Maman et Sophie was born.

  • 09/07/2021


    u-boat gioielleria nitta udine pordenone lignano sabbiadoro


    U-BOAT, entrusts dynamic creativity of the designer from Tuscany, He developed, besides the iconic crown on the left, a series of innovations, such as Carbide Tungsten, the hardest among all materials, moreover the introduction of a patented system for the release of the crown from a standstill, the fourth counter for the 24 hours of the day and so on.

    The collections: Classic, Chimera, Capsule, U-42 and BLACK Swan.

    Behing every creation U-NOAT there is a story of inspiration and style. Their bands are handmade by experts artisans, with an accurate choice of leathers and of materials with a workmanship  100% italian.

    STRATOS. Stratos collection has been created for a limited dimension compared to the previous editions and extremely flat to be wore under a tuxedo or a dress. Italo Fontana unveils two versions of Classico Stratos, with the dimension of 45mm and 40mm but reduced to an unusual thickness, of 11,70mm and 9,50mm respectively.

    CHIMERA. Innovative system open crown patented, in steel, positiones at 8 o’clock to ease the extraction of the crown and to reset of the time and date.

    CAPSOIL. Italo designed this collection taking a cue from the round shape from the watertight windows of the depth gauges from the early 1930s, of which he is a great enthusiast. The Capsule model uses a patented system of anchoring the esalite glass to the case, characterized by a system of external levers that guarantee resistance to pressure. The whole process of opening and removing the glass can be done without disassembling any of the other components of the watch.

    BLACK SWAN . The most precious watch in the collection. Completely covered with diamonds of different sizes with a visible tip on the career.

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    The aesthetic of design and mastery has always been the main center of Bucellati world. Driven by a craving spirit, for creating pieces of rare beauty, the brand has acquired an unmistakeable style, which sets it apart. The noble heritage from Milan of Bucellati has influenced a lot its refined approach, discrete and elegant of the ouse of jewellery, for which the brand can claim a unique and particular aesthetic.

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    A celebration of innovation and craftsmanship, The Britain is a modern, elegant collection of watches for men and women. Designed in Britain and crafted in Switzerland, each watch features a distinctive octagonal face with details inspired by Burberry heritage, including D-ring shaped bezels and an iconic trench coat colour palette.


    Inspired by London’s iconic skyline of modern and classic architecture, The City is a collection of watches that captures the vibrancy of the capital. The angular shapes are further reflected in the links of the bracelet, the octagonal crown and the lugs. A combination of colour-plated metal bracelets, round cases and soft leather straps feature in this collection.


    Bold and versatile, The Utilitarian is a collection of men’s and women’s watches designed for daytime wear. Smooth leather and House check straps combine with round cases and coin-edge bezels to create a relaxed, vintage design, inspired by the military heritage of Burberry.

  • 09/07/2021

    Scatola del Tempo

    Scatola del Tempo


    The creation of Scatola del Tempo goes back to the end of the 80’ and is due neither to a mere marketing choice nor to a diversification of a business already operating in the sector. Scatola del Tempo was born from the will and the initiative of a collector, Mr. Sandro Colarieti that, researching a watch holder that could be at the quality level of the models in his possession, couldn’t help but make one himself, using local craftsmanship and first quality materials. At the first he made a small series, gifting the ones he wouldn’t use to some of his friends. After a while many requests to have some exactly like the ones before, started to arrive.

    This is how one of the best examples of the Made in Italy was “spontaneously” born, that is Scatola del Tempo that is today appreciated and known in the five continents. It is about an object designed with a “deep” knowledge of what it is destined to contain, made completely by hand by the best craftsmen, using the best leather and the most prestigious silks, produced in Colarieti’s family textile firm and proposing in all the models innovative technical solutions matched with taste and elegance. In the productive cycle everything starts with the internal shapes structured in the size and the obstructions, in such a way to adapt itself to almost all watches that are in commerce today, allowing transportation without useless pressures, but also without dangerous movements. Naturally every mold is first covered by an absorbent material and then by a soft jacquard silk cloth with exclusive design.

    This operation, which is very delicate, is made once more by hand and needs an attention that only years of experience can give. The box is then refined externally in leather, still treated with natural methods, or in briar root, making sure in this case to use polished varnish that will not oxidize the watches that are placed inside. Other particularities, like clasp and zippers, are also made by exclusive design and are refined with a gold plating that guarantees the duration and the hulling in time. Watch winders idea goes back to 1990. It is about rotating watch holders, thought of to guarantee the recharge of automatic models, in such a way to maintain not only the hour indication, but also the date, not negligible for example in the perpetual calendars. Until then, in fact, there was nothing similar in commerce and above all the size was not comfortable to place easily in a safe or could not be taken on a trip. Mr. Sandro Colarieti created the 1RT model, founder of a long series, that immediately had an enormous success as much as these devices were used by the most famous Houses of Swiss Horology. Patek Philippe starting from that moment uses these devices for its prestigious watches. The watch winders are equipped with a high precision micromotor and commanded by a microprocessor, they can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise allowing to maintain the charge, with a superior autonomy up to a year, any automatic movement. All the models of the rotors series take the necessary energy for the rotation from common alkaline batteries or by using a transformer. The argument is definitely more complex when it comes to their making. The electronic command part are made in exclusive for Scatola del Tempo by specialized personnel that works expressly for the firm.

    The motors come from Switzerland. Their principal characteristics are low consumption, reduced discharges of magnetic field and extraordinary reliability in time. In Switzerland are made also the gears in brass and the series with entirely visible movements. The precision of the construction and assemblage is guaranteed by machines and high qualified personnel that are used to producing daily cages for the tourbillon movements. For all the models, always and in any case, the definitive assemblage is made in Italy, just like the quality control on the finish materials (brass, briar root, leather and silk) and on the operation of the mechanical parts. Scatola del Tempo is based in definitive on an essential concept and that is that none of its constructive particularities can be left to chance, or underestimated. From the ergonomics of the lodging, to the choice of the best silk for the coating, to the clasps and the external leather finishing, to the electronics and mechanics of the watch winders, everything is followed for each single piece with care and commitment for the details.